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Microsoft Free Hands on Labs

Get Started page for Azure SQL DW

Video: SQL Server auto-tuning and adaptive query plans, from SQLBITS

Free ebooks from RedGate

SQL Server interview questions

One different free e-book every day

Free content to learn Power BI

Hands on Lab for Azure Data Factory

Free training from Kendra Little

Keynote about Cosmo DB - PASS Summit 2017 - 2nd Day

Excelent keynote with very detailed and technical explanations about what is exactly the place of Cosmo DB in the database market


PASSTV : On Demand Sessions from PASS Summit 2017

PASS Summit always offers a few sessions for free. Among several others there are "Responding to Extended events in near real time", one of the best sessions of the event in my opinion and "Dax Best Practices", with a lot of in deep information about DAX.


PASS Summit 2017 Sneak Peaks

These are pre-recorded sessions from PASS Summit. These sessions are always offered before PASS Summit as an example of what we will find on the event.

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