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EditorialOur first in-person meeting of the year
Our website has been updated We are always including new information and links on our website. Take a look on and share your opinion on our whatsApp group
Power BI and The Matrix: A Challenge A very interesting step by step example using the Matrix and some DAX functions providing a rich Power BI use case Link:Power BI and The Matrix
Extract the Path from filename in SQL Server Filename manipulation is an important task in SQL Server administration and this small function can help Link: Path from filename
Power BI Paginated Report Builder now available Last year Microsoft announced the Power BI support for paginated reports created by reporting services, what is a great integration feature, but we were missing a solution to create these reports. Now we have! Link: Creating Paginated Reports
 Extended Events: Successful Troubleshooting recipes May 30, 18:30hs, Microsoft Innovation Center

Since Profiler was set as deprecated Extended Events is becoming more and more the default tool for event capturing in SQL Server. In this session you will see some very cool recipes for troubleshooting, such as deadlock capture, blocked process capture, page splits capture and more, besides queries to easily show the information captured by the XE session, allowing you to apply these techniques to immediately monitor your environment.

Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/extended-events-successful-troubleshooting-recipes-tickets-61458089801
PASS 24hs recordings available A gret source of videos about the data platform, provided by PASS Link: PASS Recordings
New Facebook group Our facebook group is growing. We are running an almost daily technical challenge and offering some gifts. The groupl allows more interaction, every group member is able to post technical content and questions to the group. Link: Register in our new facebook group
Import E-mail attachments into Power BI using Power Query Sometimes it's difficult to imagine a limit for power query. In this example we can see how to read email attachments using power query  Link: EMail attachments with Power Query
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