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Diagram your Database Tables using Power BI In this article from Reza Rad you will discover a very interesting way to create a graphic database schema using Power BI. I challenge you: I bet we can use the same technique to draw the schema of graphic databases in SQL Server Link: Diagram with Power BI
DAX optimization video Alberto Ferrari published this great video about DAX optimization. If you are working with BI, you may check this. Link: DAX Optimization
The Definitive Guide to ALLSELECT Attending your most secret wish, Marco Russo created this great guide guide that will allow you to better understand this important DAX functions Link: ALLSELECT
Next Event Apache Spark on Microsoft Azure: Getting the best out of your big data February 20, by Tech-Spark Register here
Internals of MS DTC - Distributed transactions Distributed transactions are very important for software development and it's always good to understand better how MSDTC enables us to user 3-phase commit in our softwares Link: MS DTC
MMDPUG Survey Have you already completed our user group survey? It's very important for us to discover more about you to better improve our content and communication. It takes only 2 minutes Link: Survey
Free e-book: Azure Functions Free e-books are always good, and we think you will like this one about azure functions Link: Azure Functions
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