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SQL PASS Career website SQL PASS is launching a new career website. You can announce the available positions on your company or seek a new position for yourself across open positions all around the world. Link: SQL PASS Career WebSite
Our Next meeting Our next meeting will be on the first week of April. Take our survey and choose what you would like to learn on our first meeting this year Link: Next Meeting
SQL Data Discovery and Classification This new feature in SSMS help us to meet data privacy standards and regulatory compliance requirements, such as GDPR Link: SQL Data Discovery and Classification
Next Event PASS Marathon - GDPR Edition Learn on this event how GDPR will affect your work

March 13, online, by SQL PASS
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Azure Data Achitecture Guide A detailed guide helping data architects to choose the right data service in azure Link: Azure Data Achitecture Guide
New Facebook group We created this week a new facebook group. It will allow more interaction, every group member is able to post technical content and questions to this new group. Link: Register in our new facebook group
Power Query SDK: Running M queries in Visual Studio A new and very interesting way to build, debug and execute M queries using Visual Studio Link: Azure Functions
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