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Report Page Tooltip Reza Rad explains this very interesting new feature of Power BI March edition, which allows us to use a report page as a tooltip Link: Report Page Tooltip
New version of AdaptiveIndexDefrag This very interesting tool allow us to perform an intelligent index defrag in one or more databases Link: AdaptiveIndexDefrag
Why Nested Views are Bad These articles explains the problems, specially optimization problems, a nested view can cause to our database Link: Nested Views
Next Event SQL Server Locking in Details Lern details about isolation level, locks and best practices

April 5, Luqa, by MMDPUG
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Auto Tune demos for SQL Server 2017 Sometimes is a bit difficult to create a demo about the new auto tunning feature in SQL Server 2017. Bob Ward helps us with a sample on github Link: SQL Server 2017 auto tune demo
New Facebook group We created this week a new facebook group. It will allow more interaction, every group member is able to post technical content and questions to this new group. Link: Register in our new facebook group
Power BI Web Part for Sharepoint This new web part allows an easier integration between Power BI and sharepoint Link: Power BI Web Part
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