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Editorial Take a look on what people think about our meeting last week and engate with our group
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Free RedGate's eBooks All RedGate's ebooks are free for download Link: Free Ebooks
SQL Server Advanced Interview Questions Using the questions on this link you can not only prepare for an interview, but learn very interesting ways to improve your databases Link: Interview Questions
Video: Azure CosmoDb Compreensive OverviewAn interesting video to start learning about CosmoDb and NoSQL databases. Check also other links about this on our website Link: CosmoDB
 SQL Server Locking in Details The presentation and scripts are already available : http://malta.pass.org/MeetingArchive.aspx

Take a look on the evalution of our last meeting:
Linked Server to Amazon RedShift An interesting explanation about how to connect on premisses SQL Server to Amazon RedShift Link: Amazon RedShift
New Facebook group Our facebook group is growing. It will allow more interaction, every group member is able to post technical content and questions to this new group. Link: Register in our new facebook group
Download: Big Data Analytics Hands OnAn interestin hands on that can help you learn more about big data Link: Big Data
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