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Editorial It's time to start planning for PASS Summit and save US$ 150,00 on the registration
Our website has been updated We are always including new information and links on our website. Take a look on and share your opinion on our whatsApp group
Free e-book with real world scenarios This is a very interesting book use some real world cases, such as how Damco used Azure Data Lake to optimize their shipping business Link: Free e-book
Get Started Page for Azure SQL DW This is a very interesting get started page for Azure SQL DW, with architectures, white papers and more for you better understand this service Link: Azure SQL DW
Free Microsoft hands on labsMicrosoft has many self-paced labs available for everyone online to study new technologies. At this moment there are a total of 243 self-paced labs, mostly about azure and many of them about databases on azure. Enjoy ! Link: SQL Server Tricks and DevOps
 OnLine: SQL In The City June 20

You can't miss this 2nd edition of the RedGate SQL In The City online, with many sessions about SQL Server, GDPR and much more

Registration link: https://www.red-gate.com/hub/events/sqlinthecity/index
 PASS 24 hours : Summit Preview June 12

Once again PASS give us 24 hours of online sessions, this one is very special: It's a preview for the content of the PASS Summit, in November. Either if you are attending PASS Summit or has not decided yet, these sessions will be very helpful for you

Registration link: https://www.pass.org/24hours/2018/april/Registration.aspx?utm_source=social&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=24hopapril2018
Being Optimistic about Concurrency Watch the video of our last online meeting about optimistic concurrency using SQL Server Link: Being Optimistic about Concurrency
New Facebook group Our facebook group is growing. It will allow more interaction, every group member is able to post technical content and questions to this new group. Link: Register in our new facebook group
SQL Code SmellsA huge and very interesting guide to identify code smells, problems with our work on SQL Server Link: SQL Code Smells
WhatsApp Group Do you know that all these news are first announced in our WhatsApp group? It's easy to ask questions and share knowledge using your phone. Click this link to register: whatsApp group