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EditorialOur first in-person meeting of the year
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Identifying Page Information in SQL Server 2019 Some very interesting new feature to help in SQL Server administrative tasks Link:Identifying Page Information in SQL Server 2019
6 SSMS features that deserve our attention Sometimes we focus so much on the new SQL Server features that some very interesting SSMS features are forgotten. Let's take a look on some of them Link: SSMS Features
A real parameterization problem with a plus This article explain in details a very interesting real problem involving parameterization and some additional problems, allowing us to learn from a real case scenario Link: Real Parameterization Problem
 Power BI: From Zero to Hero Networking March 12, 18:15hs

Starting from the very beginning, in this session we will cross together the main features Power BI has to offer, starting with the powerful self-service ETL using M language when needed, modeling our tables and finally using powerful features to create a great data visualization, allowing you to better understand all the power and flexibility of this tool and how it will fit into your solution

Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/powerbi-from-zero-to-hero-networking-tickets-56035961068
Resources to Learn About Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 This blog post is full of interesting links to help you study about the new ADL Storage Gen2 Link: Data Lake Storage Gen 2
New Facebook group Our facebook group is growing. We are running an almost daily technical challenge and offering some gifts. The groupl allows more interaction, every group member is able to post technical content and questions to the group. Link: Register in our new facebook group
How to Migrate From Azure SQL Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance The new Managed Instances are great. What about migrating from Azure SQL to Managed Instances? How to do this migration?  Link: Migrating to Managed Instance
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